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Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 00:59:01 +0800 (CST)
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I am the corporate affair Manager of an Ivorian based
International firm, a MIC.  While on a business
seminar held between 17-19th march, 2001 at Bouake. 
C,Atte d'Ivoire, I met an accomplished and widely known
millionaire farmer in this region Alhaji A.U Bostra,
the President of MC DOWELLS Et's. He is an
accomplished agnculturist with interest in cattle
farming amongst other agricultural ventures for
cattle, beef and other diary products.  During the
cause of a private discussion with him, he informed me
about the huge amount he spends on the purchase of a
particular but very important medicine for his cattle.
 He said that he buys this product at U.S $5000 per
carton and he mostly buys in the excess of 200
cartons.  And he wanted to find out if my organisation
could source for a cheaper supplier considering the
general fall in price of beef in the world market
which is affecting his business.

I discussed with my boss and he decided to handle the
supply himself.  Our market research revealed that we
could purchase the substance for the cattle medicine
cheaper in SPAIN for U.S $ 2000 per carton
and moved a proposal to MC DOVOELLS to supply at U.S
$4800 per carton which he accepted.  My boss also
accepted to give me 15% of the profits of each supply.
 On the 21" of August 1999 the first supply of 120
cartons was made to MC DOWELLS.  My Director, contrary
to our earlier agreement gave me what he called offer
of appr,Aiciation.  When 1 protested he threatened to
dismiss me and since then our relationship has seized
to be cordial.

But recently 1 intercepted some mails from ALHAJI
Bostra to my director and 1 was shocked to know that
he has made three more supplies to MC DOWELLS. 
Moreover there is another request for the supply of
230 cartons of the product following a suspected
outbreak of disease among his cattle in Mali.  These
letters have not reached my Director and never will;
instead 1 called ALHAJI Bostra and convinced him that
1 can arrange for an International supplier who can
supply him at the price of U.S $4,400 per carton.  At
the moment, ALHAJI Bostra is waiting for my foreign
contact or me as he has agreed to stop all further
dealing with my Director.

If you can handle this project, please contact me
immediately on my telephone number (+225) 07-81-79-03
for details on how to go about the business and
negotiation on what is to be my commission.  Note also
that ALHAJI Bostra must not know our source or he will
not be needing our services any more.  And he will pay
us through any means / way you suggest. 1 look forward
to doing business with you.

Yours sincerely 

Don  Moor

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