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Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 14:28:36 -0800
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From:  Prince Ahmed Abba  Abacha
 Direct Phone:  234  1  4528275
 Fax:     234  1  4400213


 With Presumed reliance allow me to introduce myself, my name is
 Ahmed Abba Abacha the son of the former President of Nigeria (General
 Sani Abacha) I got your contact through my fathers files after
 he died mysteriously on the 8th of June 1998.  (May Almighty Allah
 bless his Soul)  I am sure you are familiar with all what my  Family
 is presently facing because it is now household news.  In fact
 we the entire family have been instructed to return all that we
 have even funds in OFFSHORE ACCOUNT,  all the money gathered in
 this account  has been frozen without mercy, my brother Mohammed
 is in prison and our mother Maryam is under house arrest , all in
 the name of Democracy  which leaves only me to manage the family affairs.

 Although your relationship with my father is unclear, I still believe
 you can be trusted to assist me move $20,000,000.00 (Twenty Million
 USD) before it is seized by the new democratic government. The funds
 is presently been kept in a private Vault which location is only
 known to my mother and I.  We need your urgent aid now the government
 of President Olusegun Obasanjo is systematically out to victimize
 and cripple my family financially and politically in retaliation
 of his been jailed due to his coup attempt during the regime of my father.

 There are well over eight (8) head of States that has ruled Nigeria
 in the past with uncountable individuals that acquired so much wealth
 starched abroad with their position in the government.  Because
 of all this reasons I want to move this money out of this country
 to an individual account abroad.  Therefore kindly get in touch
 with me directly with your terms, suggestions and ideas including
 your private phone and fax line to ensure confidentiality.  Your
 assistance will be greatly rewarded.  However, should you choose
 not to assist endeavor to get me informed to enable me seek the
 aid of other reputable associates.

 Allah blessings

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